Initial questions
_How typography can be used with different media types?
_Is there way to show multi meaning or multi reading 
 with one structural form?
_Certain information can be used new media form?
_Can typography come out from conventional media?

Design Research
_experimental typography
_history of shadow
_how shadows have been used for art and design field?
_cultural connotation in shadow (ex. west vs. east)
_lighting sources
_information types in public domain

Design as Research
_experimental studies
_learning through making
_recreating structure with understanding condition
_integrate discoveries with appropriate context

_set up a condition and observe
_analysis findings and lead to next step
_articulate what I want to recreate
_understand scientific theories
_recreate form and condition and intergrate with evironment

Shadow studies Vol.1
_1 halogen light + 1 or 2 Cubes
_Sun light + Cube
_Sunlight + Cube + Background
_Sunlight + Glass Cup
_Sunlight + Glass Cup + Liquid (water, oil, vinegar)


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